Sales Consultant

Our Sales Consultants provide strategic direction for clients as it
relates to employer benefit matters.  This includes placing and
monitoring the best vendor relations serving our clients needs
and meeting and exceeding each of our client’s goals.  Our
consultants are also responsible for growth opportunities at
BCG  that includes clients that share our
values and vision. Our consultants maintain our standard of
excellence in service and thought leadership, leading professional
development initiatives and ensuring the awareness and use of
best practices. Check out our C the Difference
and Right Today, Better Tomorrow pages for more info!

Account Director

Our Account Directors are an advocate our clients can
count on through the challenges they face every day in the
always changing world of Employee Benefits. Whether it be
new ACA Compliance mandates, billing issues, or open
enrollment meetings, we are hands on, trying new and
innovative ways to help change the way people view
Employee Benefits. Our goal and focus is always to be
proactive rather than reactive to ensure the best possible
outcomes for our clients. For more information, check out
our Be Audit You Can Be, The Personnel Touch,
and Fund-amentals pages!

Business Analyst

On a day-to-day basis, our business analysts are in
charge of tracking claims to determine how plans are
running and where there may be improvements. In
conjunction to receiving annual renewals, examining the
market to find competitive quotes, and presenting
information to our clients in an understandable format, our
goal is to stay ahead of the competition and deliver
effective solutions to complex business challenges. For more
information, visit our Authentic Analytics page.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team is responsible for developing educational
material for our partners. This includes customized benefit
guides, employee benefit videos, compliance alerts,
implementing innovative technology solutions and other
materials, both during open enrollment and year-round. 
For more information, check out The Perk-olators and
Star Tech: The Next Generation.

Wellness Team

BCG is extremely hands on in all aspects
of our clients benefit programs, including the wellness
programs. A successful wellness program needs to focus on
physical, mental, social and financial wellness. Our wellness
team will assist with designing and implementing a wellness
program, reviewing and developing incentive ideas, vetting
third party platforms or preparing your team for a
self-administered program. If you are interested in more
information, check out For the Health of It.